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Zika Virus: The Development of Medical Countermeasures

April 25, 2016  •  Whitepaper  •  Paul W. Price, PhD, Senior Consultant
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The global concern about Zika virus continues to grow as the international community braces for its continued spread. There is currently no vaccine for the virus. However, the increasing evidence of vertical transmission, teratogenic effects and potentially severe complications such as GBS has resulted in public health organizations to begin to call for the development of a vaccine.

In this white paper, “Zika Virus: The Development of Medical Countermeasures,” Paul W. Price, PhD, senior consultant at Biologics Consulting, provides an overview on the history and epidemiology of the virus, and explores countermeasures and product development opportunities for the creation of a vaccine.

This white paper will guide readers through:

  • The history of the Zika virus
  • The historical and present day impacts of the virus on humans as well as its link to Microcephaly
  • Current countermeasures for thwarting the global pandemic and the need for the creation of a vaccine
  • Product development insight to assist in orchestrating a successful ZIKV countermeasures development program

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About the Author

Paul W. Price, PhD is a senior consultant at Biologics Consulting and is part of the CMC-Analytics and Formulations Team, and also serves on the Early Development and Biosimilars Task Forces.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Biotechnology Industry, Paul assists clients with design and implementation of biologics development and manufacturing projects; design, development, qualification and validation of process and release analytics; development of project management strategies for product development including risk management, quality oversight, and technology transfer; and identification, management, preparation and submission of government contract and grant proposals.

He is a SME in immunology, infectious diseases, microbiology, virology and cancer, as well as biological assay development, risk management and quality oversight.